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Our firm acts regularly in large, complex and high-stakes litigation or arbitration, in matters of vital importance to our clients. We are there to counsel and to  represent our clients, and to defend their interests, whether before the courts of justice or arbitration tribunals, or by way of negotiation or mediation. 

Professional liability

Brunette v Legault Joly Thiffault, s.e.n.c.r.l., 2018 SCC 55: We represented before the Supreme Court of Canada an accounting firm that was faced with a claim by a trust (through its trustees) for damages resulting from the bankruptcy of a holding company of which the trust was the sole shareholder. The Supreme Court upheld the decisions of the Superior Court and the Quebec Court of Appeal, and dismissed the lawsuit against our client. The Court reiterated that in Quebec civil law as in Canadian corporate law, shareholders do not have a right of action in respect of faults committed against the corporation in which they hold shares unless it is establish that they suffered a direct prejudice distinct from that suffered by the corporation, in relation to a distinct obligation.

Sopropharm v. Groupe Jean-Coutu (PJC) inc.,2017 QCCS 1935 : Successfully defended Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton before the Superior Court of Quebec in an action for disqualification aiming to restrain its partners and employees to act as experts in an important class action.

Conseillers Fuller Landau inc. v. Bluberi Jeux et Technologies inc.,2014 QCCS 3861: Defended successfully an important accounting firm in an action before the Superior Court of Quebec alleging professional fault in the performance of a mandate to find a new source of financing (http://www.canlii.org/fr/qc/qccs/doc/2014/2014qccs3861/2014qccs3861.html). Appeal summarily dismissed (2014 QCCA 2298) (http://www.canlii.org/fr/qc/qcca/doc/2014/2014qcca2298/2014qcca2298.html).

We have a depth of experience in the defence of chartered accountants and civil engineers sued in professional liability. Woods LLP is one of the very few Montreal law firms that represent both plaintiffs and defendants in claims against securities brokers and asset managers.

We also act for persons targeted by inquiries and disciplinary proceedings before their professional order.  

102751 Canada inc. v. Black, 2013 QCCS 1321: We obtained the dismissal of an action seeking over $7 million from our client KPMG in connection with its role as auditor of a corporation.

Rendez-vous à la rivière pour l'an 2000 v. GENIVAR, Inc., 2011 QCCS 7215: We successfully defended GENIVAR, a civil engineering firm, in a claim involving the design of an inflatable dam.

Lucien Steru, Dominique Steru and CO.DE.MA v. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. and Erik Moisan, docket no. 500-17-059057-102 of the Superior Court: We represented the Plaintiffs in this multi-million dollar claim against their portfolio managers.

Finexcorp inc. v. Caroline Tremblay, CA Inc., 2008 QCCS 2688, 2010 QCCA 595: We successfully defended a chartered accountant in this matter involving alleged losses due to the bankruptcy of a third-party corporation.      

Supra Formules d'affaires Inc. v. Rhéaume, 2010 QCCS 1974: We convinced the Court to dismiss the claim made against our clients, tax accountants, in relation to the assessment of the fiscal impact of a purchase of shares.

X Merchant inc. v. Ginsberg, Gingras & Associés Inc., 2009 QCCS 2042: We successfully defended trustees in bankruptcy in this claim for purported economic losses related to the management of real property assets.